You found your Raw Hair Texas and many more hair products

Our Raw Hair Texas is 100% unprocessed hair collected from the same hair donor. It comes in its most natural state because it has never been chemically processed and it has never had heat applied to it.
Our Raw Hair is the highest quality of hair you can find on the market. This raw hair gives fuller, longer-lasting bundles. Raw Hair is not only natural-looking, but Raw Hair blends perfect with your own natural hair, regardless your hair type.
We like to tell our clients; Raw hair Texas is the purest and most natural hair on the market.

What are the Raw Hair Texas features?

  • ∞ The hair comes from the same person or donor
  • ∞ Raw hair is 100% unprocessed Hair
  • ∞ Premium quality
  • ∞ 100% human hair
  • ∞ The cuticle is aligned
  • ∞ Hair that has not been altered in any way by steam or chemical treatment
  • ∞ There are 3 basic textures: straight, wavy, and curly.

Raw hair has not been altered in any way by steam or chemical treatment, unlike Virgin hair that has been steamed. Raw Hair Texas is the closest to perfection you can get.


What kind of hair can you find in our store?

We have hair from many different origin. For example like Filipino hair extensions and Cambodian Hair. 

We invite you to look around in our store

Feel free to check our Raw Hair, our customized handmade wigs, the frontals & closures and eye lashes. Our hair comes in many textures, from straight. body waves, deep wave, natural curly and many more.
We provide hair for you but also for your clients if you want the clients from your salon or beauty shop to benefit from our hair products too.
If you can not find it in the store, let us know, we love to help you and we will not give up searching until we have the hair you are looking for.

And, we deliver nation-wide!