Finding the Perfect Pair for Every Eye Type

Don’t know how to pick the perfect pair of false lashes for your eye type? Here is our accurate guide to help you find the right and the perfect pair of lashes that will flatter your eye shape.


Every set of eyes has a distinctive feature. Define your eye shape by hovering over the image till you find your eye shape and we’ll pair it with the perfect lashes.

Our Eye Lash Recommendation for Your Eye Type


Almond eyes

If you have almond eyes, you won’t be able to see the white part of the eye below or above your iris. For this type of eye, we recommend fuller lashes that are evenly distributed all the way along your natural eyelash band. This will help increase the depth and intensity of your eyes.

Close set eyes

Beauties with close set eyes should try false eyelashes that will give the appearance of an elongated, larger eye. Look for lashes that are tapered to be longest on the outer corner of your eye. Try to also look for false eyelashes that are wispy and soft. Any lashes that are too thick or too full will make your eyes look much smaller, try to avoid these

Protruding eyes

The type of lashes recommended for this eye is a subtle, nondramatic lash that will help reduce the size and definition of your eyes.

Down Turned eyes

Beautiful “winged out” lashes is also recommended for this eye shape. They will help give your outer eye a beautiful lift.

Wide Set eyes

You can add all the drama you want with this type of eye. With this type of eyes, your eye sits back slightly under your brow bone. Along curled, a pair of eyelashes will open up your eye, and enhance the shape of your eyes.

Hooded eyes

This usually means the fold of your eyelid hides some of your lids when your eyes are open. So not all of your lid is visible, try to avoid super dramatic lashes as they tend to make your eyelid appear smaller. Hooded eyes are naturally sultry, so it is recommended to pair them with eyelashes that are longer in the middle to create a depth impression.

Upturned eyes

Winged lashes fits this type of eyes perfectly. They will help give your face a beautiful natural lift.

Round eyes

Unlike almond eyes, if you have around eyes you can see the white part of your eyes below and above the iris. For this type of eye, we recommend curly wispy eyelashes to give you a seductive cat eye look, also help enlarge the width of your eyes.

Mono Lid eyes

Having a mono lidded eye means no crease on your eyelid can be seen. It is best to pair these eyes with lashes that best create more depth and definition for your eyes.

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